Shipping Schedule


Our shipping schedule has temporarily changed.
In order to limit our potential exposure to COVID-19 and prevent its spread, we
have temporarily altered our shipping schedule so that USPS can pick up packages
at our facility rather than us taking them to the post office.
Orders received by 5PM on Monday will ship out on Tuesday.
Orders received by 5PM on Wednesday will ship out on Thursday.
Orders received by 5PM on Friday will ship out on Saturday.
The normal shipping schedule below is only for reference.  Until this page is
updated to say otherwise, the above list will be our current schedule.  Thank you
for your understanding and continued support!
Our normal shipping schedule:
Order By Ships On
2 PM on Monday Monday
2 PM on Wednesday Wednesday
2 PM on Friday Friday

Note: All times are EST/EDT.  This shipping schedule is not a guarantee, but we make every effort to keep to it.
If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email and believe your order should have shipped, please send us an email
using the "Contact Us" form on this site, or reply to the order confirmation email you received when you placed your order.